Eminem - Buffalo Bill (Official Relapse Refill 2009)

posted on 17 May 2010 04:20 by paladay in Outfields

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ฮ่าฮ่า Buffalo Bill อีกแล้ว แต่จริงๆแล้วไม่ได้เกี่ยวกับทีม Buffalo Bills แต่อย่างใด แค่ชื่อเพลงคล้ายกับชื่อทีมแค่นั้นเอง


Eminem - Buffalo Bill Lyrics

[Eminem - Verse 1]
Better watch out sucker now I got ya where I want ya, 
onslaught, coming and Im packing in my Lunch-a,
bunch a missile launcher and a bunch a contra-ban, 
van full of ganja, now come on jump,
man stop moshin Marshall on my God ya,
doin’ the cha cha and the Cucaracha with a quadri-plegic,
boogieing down to Frank Sinatra,
Lyndsay to the Lohan naked while you let me watch ya,
who da knew the Buddah do to me whats its done,
such cynicism when this isn’t in my system,
blunt hypnotism, lift the spliff up to my lip son,
so much on my hands, i got to give my kids a fist pump,
Chris-to-pher Reeves swimming in my swim trunks,
Mister, “help me” whats he said to me and then sunk,
women skinning them and cutting them up in chunks,
in comes the woman with cocoa butter skin ones,

Once again they call me Buffalo Bill, 
Buffalo Bill, Buffa-buffalo bill,
skin em up, hem em,
sew em up in those kilts, up in those kilts,
upa upa up in those kilts,
man you don’t want to go up in those hills,
up in those hills, uppa up in those hills
You better beware, stay clear of buffalo bill, buffalo bill,
buffa-buffalo bill,

[Verse 2]
Always, you can see em lurking in the hallways, 
carcasses of Caucasian females in his crawl space,
how the hell did he fit em all in such a small place,
hide em in the wall but how long will the dry wall take,
well f-ck it then, I got nothing but time, I’ll wait,
until its dries for the moment i guess your all safe,
after I sand it and buff it I guess that I’ll paint,
my chainsaw’s outta gas my regular saw aint,
now here I come again, damn stomach rumbling,
you can even hear the evil spirits coming from within,
someones in, the back of my damn house rummaging,
its a girl, she looks pretty thin but I want her skin,
been on the hunt again, when will it ever end,
Evelyn why you trying to fight you will never win,
severing legs, arms, damn there goes another limb,
pull the lever then trap door, death is evident


[Verse 3]
Now what you know about Buffalo Bill, 
nothing so chill,
f-cking hoe, you better f-cking hold still,
make sure none of that lotion in that bucket don’t spill,
cut em gut em and just keep stuffing those girls,
man I think she had enough of those pills,
lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com
sedate her, then I wait her come back later just to clutch on those steel blades,
baby when I cut ya dont squeal
I hate the loud noises I f-cking told you,
I keep hearin voices like wouldntcha like to go and get your butcher knife
and push it right through her
while you put your shishkebab skewer into her,
barbeque her, or would you do to her what you usually do to a girl who’s skins newer
In a World of Sin doer this is turning into a torment tournament of sorts,
Christmas Ornament you are,

[Eminem continued]
I”ll be sure to Ginsu ya til there’s no more skin to ya, 
boo ya who ya think you f-cking with,
duck because here he comes again,





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